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Dental school exams, MFDS, ORE, DFT, DCT? We have you covered!

Practicing questions is one of the key ways to reinforce your dental revision – ExamineDental is here to help you.

Whether you’re sitting dental school exams, MFDS, ORE or any other dental exam – take control of your learning, with hundreds of practice questions to enhance your dental revision – including OSCE, DCT and DFT scenarios!

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Practice, practice, practice

Enhance your revision with hundreds of dental revision questions and scenarios covering 13 subject areas including OSCE, DFT and DCT preparation!

Track your progress

Check your progress by looking at the statistics on your personalised page to see where you need to focus your revision.

Record notes

Access a unique note-taking feature which allows you to record and save notes during your dental revision. Edit and print them at your leisure!


Compete against others and earn points from various actions including your scores and activity on the website! Try to top the leaderboard!

Ever-expanding ExamineDental Question Banks

We are continuously adding new content to an already comprehensive bank of questions so that you have all the revision material you need – especially for dental school exams, MFDS and ORE!

Every question and answer has an associated explanation to give you the most efficient revision sessions! You can get a flavour of what’s on offer for free – so why hold back? Boost your revision further using the note-taking feature, allowing you to jot down quick notes during your revision to print or revisit later.

Are you sitting an OSCE, DCT or DFT interview? Don’t worry! We have a range of tailor-made scenarios that you can time yourself against and then a full suggested answer to help you!

ExamineDental Dental Revision Statistics

Dental revision progress on the go!

You can track your progress by checking your statistics page and see where you need to focus your revision! To take your revision to the next level, the website is fully mobile friendly so you can access the quiz banks on the move!

Even if you have 5 minutes spare on that train journey, those can be valuable minutes of revision – we understand that! So access our quiz banks on the fully mobile friendly website to maximise your revision.

Take your dental revision and success one step further with personal sessions via ExamineDental 1-to-1!

Whether you want help with preparing for interviews or you want to go through some content, 1-to-1 gives the most personal aspect of learning making studying far more productive.

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