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Dental exam prep covering a range of subject areas

We have a huge range of dental exam preparation and revision questions, of varying difficulty, over 13 key subject areas.

There are also a range of scenarios for OSCE, DFT and DCT preparation! We’ve even worked with companies like Dental Training Consultants to help bring you the best!

Ever-increasing Revision Notes and Cheat Sheets​

We have an ever-increasing collection of Revision Notes that will help prepare you with key dental revision material you need for your upcoming dental exam! Even better – we provide summary Cheat Sheets for you to download!

Our Revision Notes are constantly increasing, providing you with fresh revision content for your exams! Each Revision Note has objectives, key content, clinical examples and our amazing Cheat Sheets! We have collated and summarised important information in to Cheat Sheets that you can download and use during revision.

You can even favourite content and save it to your dashboard!

Take notes and favourite content to enhance revision

Any time you’re taking a quiz or browsing our Revision Notes, use the ‘Take Notes’ button to document any important information you need to!

You might think of something whilst you’re revising or want to record an important fact to help with that dental exam or interview – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Document any notes you want and then access these easily for printing or perusing purposes.

You can also favourite our Revision notes to easily access them in the future!

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