Clinical Governance - The 7 Pillars

Clinical Governance – The 7 Pillars

Clinical Governance - The 7 Pillars


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What is Clinical Governance?

Clinical governance is a quality assurance process. It aims to maintain and improve the standards of care for patients, with full accountability of the system towards patients. Clinical governance is a subject often discussed in dental speciality training and core training, it is therefore important to have a solid understanding of what is involved in clinical governance. The best way to learn and remember the aspects of clinical governance is by addressing the 7 pillars. 

The 7 Pillars of Clinical Governance

1) Clinical Effectiveness and Research

As healthcare professionals, we should always use the best available evidence and research to inform our decision-making for patients. Through this, we are able to get the best possible outcomes for patients and work in their best interests. This includes evidence-based practice when deciding treatments for patients.

Examples of Clinical Effectiveness and Research
  • Utilisation of standards and guidelines to help inform decisions in a healthcare setting. For example, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence wisdom tooth guidelines when considering removing a wisdom tooth. You can see other guidelines here.
  • Where guidelines or standards aren’t available, we should actively be carrying out research to form new guidelines and standards to continuously improve our level of care.

2) Audit

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3) Risk Management

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Examples of Risk Management

4) Education and Training

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Examples of Education and Training

5) Patient and Public Involvement

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6) Information and IT

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Mnemonic for Clinical Governance


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