Dental OSCEs

ExamineDental has hundreds of exam questions to help you prepare for exams. These include dental OSCEs. Not only do you get access to these, but the hundreds of other dental finals/MFDS/ORE questions with a subscription. You can even try for free right now!

Dental OSCE Preparation

Get access to so much more than just dental OSCEs:

  • Access toΒ hundreds of questionsΒ spread across over 13 subject areas including restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry, oral medicine, oral surgery and anatomy
  • Access our Revision Notes and summaryΒ Cheat Sheets in our ever-increasing selection of revision content
  • GainΒ enhanced CPD when completing and passing question bundles
  • Personalised statistics and reports on your question bank performance
  • Updates as more and more questions are added to the question banks
  • Unique note-taking functionality and ability to favourite content so you can get the most from your revision

Question Banks with Enhanced CPD

Hundreds of questions to practice, with full explanations and answers covering 13 subject areas. OSCE, DFT and DCT prep is covered too with scenarios! If you're a qualified dentist, for every question bundle you pass, you gain enhanced CPD!

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Forget textbooks - we have perfect revision notes and unique summary Cheat Sheets giving key information to prepare you for your exams!

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